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About Us

AMS is an industry leader in technology services, management consulting, and outsourcing.   AMS can build, implement, and support IT systems to improve operations and meet compliance requirements. Our expertise and strategic partnerships with software and infrastructure technology companies allow us to offer the best solutions for small, medium as well as large enterprises throughout Maryland, Washington D.C and Virginia. Our expertise and our strategic partnerships with software and infrastructure technology companies offer the best solutions for local government, with the understanding required for positive operational change within public sector agencies.

At AMS we understand that many end users may be reluctant to changes/upgrades, which is why our ultimate goal is to make any transition smooth as possible.  AMS recognizes the values of each company and we will make sure that everything is protected.  Using a systematic approach, we are able to work with high-volume and business-critical systems to deliver cost-effective, simple solutions. 

Founded in 2006, the goal of AMS is to provide innovative technologies and on-site support using our proven state-of-the art solutions.  Our highly skilled and certified employees will work tirelessly to meet all of your business needs.

AMS offers the following services:

  • Data Center Implementation and Transformation
  • Information Technology End User Support
  • Enterprise Systems Management
  • Systems and Software Engineering and Integration
  • Network Engineering
  • Network Infrastructure
  • Cyber Security and Information Assurance

AMS focuses on strategic consulting, technical service management, and business solutions. We aim to collaborate with our customers in order to find innovative solutions to critical business challenges.  Our solutions help clients to consolidate and modernize their existing infrastructures, improve customer service, and reduce operating costs. AMS specializes in business intelligence, information assurance, contingency planning, and infrastructure management.  No matter the challenge, we are committed to finding the right solution.

Contact us today to discuss your individualized services.  We look forward to hearing from you.